Episode 15: More flash!

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We realized that our last flash episode received great response, so we wanted to do another episode with flash, and this time we’ve brought a lot more to the table (pun intended.) Not only are wee using and show you more products, we also have two more additional angles/cameras and we have an actual model. In our first episode you might remember that Nathan and Erich were each other’s models, but let’s admit it we’re not very pretty. So we brought in somebody pretty today.

A couple of the different tools we used were a mini beauty dish, a flash bender, and a little bit of off camera flash. It’s a little bit of everything and that’s what we like. We wanted to show you the variety of effects given by the diffusers because depending on the look that you want, you’ll need a different diffuser (or maybe no diffuser at all.)

We hope that you enjoy this episode like all our other episodes and stay tuned for our next episode in which we plan to bring in another model!

Episode 14: Albums and Album Making

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Wedding Albums are one of the most treasured keepsakes after a wedding day.  With so many companies out there to choose from, who do we as Photographers use.  Well luckily for you, we know a lot of photographers and have brought in one of our experts who uses a different company then us.  So jump online, order your sample albums, and check out Finao, Black River Imaging, and West Coast Albums.

Additional album companies to note that we’ve used are; White House Custom Color, Albums Unlimited, Pro Dpi, Leather Craftsman, Pictage, and Visionart.

Thank you to Kaysha Weiner for being a guest on our show.  Please check out more of her work at www.kayshaweiner.com.

Episode 13: Meeting the Wedding Client

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We changed it up a little bit this week, and instead of talking about something related to the technical or creative side of photography we go over something that we would say is just as important if you’re a (aspiring) wedding photographer: the consultation!

Think about it. It’s the first time they meet you and first impressions are everything! You could have the best work in the world, but if you’re not vibing with the client and if there’s awkwardness, chances are you probably won’t book the client. Unless you’re incredibly good looking like Nathan…or Jasmine Star. :)

So in this photosode we guide you through what we do at a consultation from start to finish. We’re also having another give away from BlackRapid! Wanna know how to win? Send us your best consultation technique or story. What does that mean? What’s something you do to sell to your client? Or tell us about the story  when you were supposed to meet a client but they turned out to be axe murderers and they ended up holding you up at gunpoint at Starbucks. Send it to photosodes@gmail.com

Festival of Holi

Faces of the rainbow catch a bucket of water of water while celebrating in Kathmandu on March 19. The tradition of Holi is followed with great enthusiasm all over Nepal. (Navesh Chitrakar/Reuters)

Now we’ve heard of a lot of festivals, but never one so photogenic and colorful.  WOW!!


Episode 12!!! And we’re back!

We’re really trying not to make ‘we’re back’ a cliche. We promise! But we are back! You might notice in today’s photosode we’re not in our usual spot, and that’s because Nathan’s moving to a new studio which we will start having new shows at.

If you’ve been wondering where we’ve been Erich and Nathan have been all over the place (collectively) such as Tahiti, Taiwan, New York, Big Bear Mountain, and Las Vegas just to name a few. And on top of that we’ve been busily working on our post production on the wedding we’ve photographed in 2010. But we’re here to talk to you today about our most recent trip which isVegas! And the sultry adventures that Nathan had on a couple of the nights. Just kidding! We’re going to recap our experiences at the annual WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographer International) convention and tradeshow.

For those who aren’t familiar with WPPI it’s a HUGE event where photographers from all over the world and some of the best photographers in the world come speak and teach classes. They also have two large tradeshow rooms for those who want to see and try new products, talk to sales reps, take advantage of show specials etc. etc. Imagine blowing on a large busy ant pile and watching the ants scurry around, it’s kind of what the trade shows are like. Sort of. But if you’ve never been to WPPI and you’re interested in wedding or portrait photography, this is the event that comes HIGHLY recommended.

Next week we will talk about consultations and albums specifically for wedding photographers!

Also! We’re looking for an intern (preferably a student or recent graduate in the Los Angeles/Orange County Area) to help us out with our show! Please contact us at photosodes@gmail.com

Pixelated Camera Illustrations anyone?

Here are 100 Pixelated Camera Illustrations by Billy Brown.

Make them icons on your desktop, a fun animated flash video, or whatever you can come up with. Just make sure you give credit where credit is due!

Thanks Billly!


WPPI is almost here

With a little over a week left until WPPI, Wedding & Portrait Photographer International, Erich and I are super excited to head out there for a full 5 days. The WPPI has got to be one of the largest Wedding Photographer conventions I’ve ever been to. With seminars, contests, trade show, vendors, mock weddings, and even performances, it’s no wonder they have to hold it in Las Vegas.

So with our reservations at MGM, some saved up dough for gambling, and our Ipads for taking notes at the show, I’m ready to kick 2011 off with a bang and find some new vendors, products, knowledge, and more.

Also check out the awesome schedules of classes they have. At this point, most of them are all sold out, but this just gives you all something to look forward to next year.

Best and hope we can get a WPPI special filmed with some new toys around the Convention Hall.

YAHZTEE!!! That’s what you yell in Vegas when you win right? Or maybe NO WHAMMIES NO WHAMMIES, STOP!!! I don’t know. Either way, It’s going to be a blast! Cheers!!!


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