Photosode Schedule

This is our tentative photosode schedule for right now. It is subject to change at anytime

Episode 1 Recap Introductions of ourselves and our show, Ipad review, lenses we like to use for weddings.

May 12 2010

Episode 2 Recap Alienbees Ringflash, Portraits (what to do, and what not to do), question from our viewer answered on our show.

May 19 2010

Episode 3 Recap Concert/Performance photography Tips and tricks on getting the best shots when shooting a concert/performance. Black Rapid Strap (R Strap) is shown and featured.

May 27 2010

Episode 3 Extras

Episode 4 Recap Travel Photography - In this photosode, we give a list of useful websites for traveling, a few pointers for travel photography, a couple of noteworthy landscape photographers, and critique photos from a few of our viewers.

Episode 4 Extras

June 4 2010

Episode 5 Recap Sports Photography & First Interview with Scott Roeder who just graduated from UCI but has the skills and the work of a working professional. Both his photography and videography are top-notch. Join us on this photosode so you can meet him and learn.

Episode 5 Extras

June 8 2010

Episode 6 Recap Wedding Photography Special On-Location – In this photosode we film directly in San Diego which is where the wedding takes place. We give you tips and insider footage of photographing a wedding.

June 22 2010

Episode 7 Photoshop- Come see how we digitally enhance our photos in Photoshop with some simple, yet cool tricks.

June 29  2010

Episode 8 Flash Using a flash is tricky, learn how to use it so that it makes your photos better and  not worse.

July 7 2010

Episode 9 Ipad Apps + Tethering If you’ve ever wondered if the ipad had another purpose for photographers, this is is the photosode for you!

Episode 10 Babies, Children, Kids They’re like pokemon, they’re small but hard to capture. Find out how to capture children with your camera.

Episode 11 Interviews of Nathan and Erich With a few big events, we felt we’d share a little more about ourselves in this episode and talk about Nathan’s recent wedding and Erich’s recent travels.

Episode 12 Moving and WPPI The largest wedding and portrait photography convention and why we’re surrounded by boxes.

Episode 13 Wedding Consultations Where are we?  We’re at Nathan’s new studio filming in Fullerton, CA.  We also wanted to chat about first time meetings and consultations and how to approach your new clients.

Episode 14 Wedding Albums & Companies With so many wedding album companies out there, we wanted to fill you in on the ones we use and why.

  1. June 5th, 2010
  2. May 13th, 2011

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